7 Times That Peter Kavinsky Made Me Want To Risk It All

If you haven’t watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix, please get your house in order and rectify that immediately. As someone with a fairly short attention span, it’s rare for most movies to keep my attention through to the end but this had everything going for it to establish it as my new favorite movie: a cute indie soundtrack, a collective six minutes of John Corbett on screen, and a diverse and very cute cast. In regards to that last point, may I present one Noah Centineo in the role of Peter Kavinsky. Tbh, it was Peter Kavinsky and his kombucha-swigging, sensitive lax bro vibes that kept my goldfish brain invested in the plot.

Here’s how he won me over:

  1. When he asked Kitty to bring him a Korean probiotic yogurt drink for him the next time he picked her up for school. It’s important to respect and partake in your fake girlfriend’s culture and cuisine. Is it a bare minimum thing to do in a relationship, even a fake one? Yes, 10000% yes but I appreciate the screen time that this mindset got. I want more of this in all movies and shows from here on out.
  2. When he slipped his hand into Lara Jean’s back pocket in the cafeteria and gave her a note. Sure you could just exchange cute text messages but notes are the most valuable emotional currency that high schoolers have!
  3. When he took Lara Jean by the hand to bring her into the party and said “Leggo”. I pretty much rolled out of my bed and onto the floor.
  4. When he drank kombucha at the party because he was driving and said “it’s good for your digestion”. First probiotic yogurts and now kombucha?! A gut health king is born. This is the exact moment when I went from mildly entertained to completely emotionally invested.
  5. When he got in a pillow fight with Kitty and moved the popcorn bowl off the sofa so it wouldn’t spill. The conscientiousness jumped out.
  6. When Lara Jean meets him at the hot tub to talk after she’s been ignoring him and he tells her how he asked Kitty where to get the Korean yogurt drinks and brought them on the ski trip bus for a snack to share with her. The fastest way to my heart is through my stomach in the form of billions of healthy bacteria that will improve my regularity and overall health and wellness. Peter is inspiring me to start a very niche Instagram appreciation account for Hot Guys Consuming Probiotics.
  7. When Lara Jean meets him on the lacrosse field and they’ve finally defined the relationship, and he says “You gonna break my heart, Covey?”. Ugh this is such a hot guy line that only exists in movies but it works exceptionally well here. I would be honored to break your heart, Peter Kavinsky.



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