This Is What Pasta Dish You Would Be According To The Zodiac


Just like penne, you have pointy edges to your personality that you use to either attack or defend your friends and foes. You also have a spicy side, just like penne amatriciana!


Taurans are reliable, grounded, and classic, just like spaghetti and meatballs. You can dress them up or dress them down, but at the end of the day it’s still a dish (and a zodiac sign) you have no problem with.


People tend to worry about you twisty little freaks, and for good reason–you can turn on a dime. While you might seem and even taste delicious and buttery, nothing will get you sick quicker than bad shellfish. For that reason, Geminis are linguine with clams.


My precious Cancer babes, you’re a bowl of warm and comforting gnocchi. At the end of the day, you just want to feed your soul–and your face.


You always want to be the main event, so Leo you’re a pasta dish that is basically a layer cake. You are a lasagna and you’re magnificent. Are you happy now??


Virgo I know you crave order, tradition, and as much control as possible. But you still like to think that you’re fun! That’s why you’re this twist on a classic–bacon mac and cheese.


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“In this family, Thai noodles count as pasta”–something a Libra would say. You’re super chill but you’re always down to explore. Pad thai is the perfect balance of tastes for your palate (and personality).


Witchy and wonderful, Scorpios are getting matched with a briny and mysterious treat–squid ink pasta. What are you going to find in there? Squid? Clams? Tomatoes? Who TF knows.


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Sagittarians are curious and fun-loving people who enjoy surprises. They’re a lot like ravioli, a tasty pocket full of enthusiasm, wonder, and occasionally cheese.


Pesto pasta truly captures the essence of artsy, practical, know-it-all, Capricorn. For starters, you fucking love that you’re the only pasta on this list that’s green. Also, you probably already have a recipe for pesto that you LOVE. Bye.


Hey air head! You get bored super easily and love to dance to the beat of your own drum. You’re kind of quirky! Just like pasta on pizza.


Because you fear being alone and not being liked, you over compensate by doing the absolute most. It’s fine though, you’re so yummy everyone forgives you for giving them a stomachache, just like stuffed shells!


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