Five Underrated Celebrity Instagrams You Should Follow

Is your Instagram feed crying out for something new? Are you over the constant content cycle of the Kardashians, assorted models, and IG influencers? Looking for a departure from carefully crafted plandids and envy inducing vacation shots from people who are younger, hotter, and richer than you’ll ever be? ME TOO. I’ve scoured Instagram looking for cool original content and guess where the fuck it is all coming from? Celebrities that aren’t on TMZ every week nor are they in the forefront of the public’s consciousness but are churning out phenomenal IG content on the regular.

  • Celebrity: Martha Stewart
  • What she posts: This is her personal account so it’s a lot of BTS shots of her at work, snaps from dinner parties, and pics of her rich friends partying in the Hamptons. It’s so beautifully unpolished and unfiltered and way better than her official brand Insta.


  • Celebrity: Dolly Parton
  • What she posts: The best TBTs of her gorgeous ass bouffant hair and showgirl meets cowgirl outfits. I have so many of her pics in my Saved folder on Insta because she is a big mood.

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Just kittin' around! 🐱 #InternationalCatDay

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  • Celebrity: Jada Pinkett-Smith
  • What she posts: Proud mom and daughter content – did you know that Jada has a talk show on Facebook that she cohosts with Willow and her mom, Adrienne?! She is also bringing so much life and love wisdom to her IG videos that you essentially are getting FREE ADVICE from Jada Pinkett-Smith, the world’s most beautiful unlicensed therapist, aka she’s worth the follow.


  • Celebrity: Tituss Burgess
  • What he posts: Raw, unedited videos of Tituss just living his life but served up with a flair for the dramatics and an original parody song or two. If you don’t already know him from 30 Rock and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, take my word for it – he is truly the best breakout star to come from either show. He deserves more roles and Hollywood needs to wake up to this talent! Tituss, if you’re reading this and looking for new representation, CALL ME. Until then, we can find some of his best work on IG.


  • Celebrity: Jessica Simpson
  • What she posts: Pics of her cute kids, her line of makeup brushes, and her eponymous shoe label, which according to an unconfirmed stat on her Wikipedia page, is worth A BILLION DOLLARS. Sign me for the Jessica Simpson School of Business. Her throwbacks to the early 00s remind me why we all loved her to begin with – cute in a very fun, approachable way and not afraid to make fun of herself.

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