Your September Horoscopes

Aries: For my ambitious Aries babes, Virgo season is a great time to use your determination to get shit done. With your propensity to check everything off your to-do list (and make sure everyone knows that you did), September is the time to take on a work project that will get you the notoriety that you deserve! Just don’t get bogged down in the dull details of it – use your charisma to outsource the boring shit like research.

Taurus: My tender Taurus! I know that you’re feeling sad about the slowness of summer transitioning to the hectic work work work of September – how are you supposed to chill in the park with your book or sip a glass of wine on a patio for 4 hours when everyone else in the world is back in work mode? Take your time to make adjustments gradually to get yourself back in the swing of things.

Gemini: Oh Gemini, I know that you’ve been reeling from this summer’s back-to-back retrogrades. Shit has been intense. You’ve been flying in and out of your house all summer, only stopping to grab a change of clothes before heading out and pursuing something fun, so September is a great time to tap into your inner homebody. Sage your apartment and donate that pile of clothes that have been taking up room in your closet.

Cancer: My precious crustaceans! September is a great time for you to break out of your shell. Channel that back to school energy that you had in high school, when you told yourself each September that this school year was going to be different! Meet some new friends and flames to capitalize on this charismatic crab mood but make sure you still give yourself plenty of chill alone time.

Leo: I know your asses were still acting like all of August was Leo season even though we recently transitioned to Virgo! You’ve likely indulged in all things lavish and expensive. Of course you deserve it, you’re a goddamn Leo but girl, your wallet is weeping. Get your finances in order before it causes a blowout fight with a friend or significant other.

Virgo: Everything is going your way this month. Mercury, your ruling planet, is entering Virgo on September 5, so you’re really going to be stepping into your power for the next few weeks. Your analytical mind is going to be in overdrive so use that to negotiate and communicate every single little thing that you’ve been obsessing about for weeks. This is the time to speak your truth and make it all work for you!

Libra: Libra lovebugs! Your season is right around the corner and you can’t wait to bask in the glow of it all. Your social self has been living it up all summer but the few weeks before your birthday is a good time to reflect. What do you want from life, from love, from work? Take some time to think about this by yourself and don’t worry about saying no to people for a change.

Scorpio: My cute but psycho Scorpios! This month, everyone will want a piece of you – advice, attention, and your time. You’re in demand! At first, you’re going to eat up being so popular but after a while, you’ll find this shit old and want to retreat into your mysterious self. That’s fine – just make sure you tell people who you need some time to yourself instead of ghosting everyone, as you are prone to do!

Sagittarius: Dearest Sags, this September is the time for you to step in your confidence. Play up your cleverness and communication skills to make a big impact on your career and show off what you’ve been dreaming up all summer long. In terms of love, you’re in for a big revelation this month. You’ll finally get the answers to the questions that you’ve had for months – just prepare yourself because they may not be the answers you want.

Capricorn: Oh Caps, it’s almost far too easy for you to go overboard during September. Back to school season brings out your inner nerd and you’re all too happy to dive deep into work without coming up for air or food or sleep or fun. Lighten up a little and remember that your work should be more about quality than quantity. Basically, don’t overdo it if it’s not going to pay off.

Aquarius: My aquatic dreamers! Finally, you’re starting to feel like yourself again. It’s been a rough couple of months that had you questioning everything and everyone in your life. You were in your feelings well before that Drake song came out! The dust from your emotional turmoil is still settling but it won’t be long before you’re pursuing new adventures again!

Pisces: Little angelfish! You’ve kept a low profile this summer because lately you’ve just been feeling less than energized about pretty much everything going on in your life. This September is going to be a clean slate for you. You want to shake off the haze of the summer and get rid of whatever hasn’t been serving you. You’re going to feel 10000% percent lighter once you accomplish this.

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