Britney Spears’ Instagram Is The Most Pure Place On The Internet

In a world where an increasing number of celebrities fall from their shiny pedestals once their problematic tweets and bad behavior from the past have been discovered, where Twitter threads run rampant with cries of “canceled” and “dragged”, it’s a wonder that we have any stars left to like. I guess there’s a reason why the saying, “Kill your idols” exists.

But behold! A true unproblematic queen still reigns. A celebrity who has withstood two decades worth of public scrutiny. A legend whose deteriorating mental health was feverishly documented by wild packs of paparazzi and devoured by people across the world. A blueprint for generations of pop stars that follow her. A gifted entertainer, mother, and promising watercolor artist! Miss Britney Jean Spears herself.

As an unproblematic princess, Britney’s Instagram is truly one of the most pure places on the Internet. She’s not posting photos for clout or carefully curating her Instagram so that the captions and image quality are perfectly cohesive in order to ironclad her brand identity. Britney definitely takes most of her own photos and probably enlists the help of her sons for her solo shots, as opposed to a professional photographer. Her captions come from the inner workings of her brain rather than her assistant or publicist. You’ll find plenty of “inspirational” quotes on her feed too. It’s not that she doesn’t care about what she posts, it’s more that she’s posting what she actually likes and not what she thinks will go viral. She’s definitely a celebrity but you wouldn’t refer to her as an influencer. Her Instagram content is seemingly random and refreshing in a way that somehow makes me feel less anxious about my own Instagram presence. Here’s what I mean:

She’s not afraid to make fun of herself through stock images! I like to think that she googled “baby kittens playing the piano” and had this photo saved to her desktop for months because she thought it was cute and just felt like posting it one day.


She made this UNSPONSORED video of her wanting ice cream. She just likes ice cream that much! If this was any other celebrity, this would be #AD #Sponsored #ProvidedbyHaloTop.


The lack of decent lightning, the very blatant red eye issue, the pose behind a tiny table with flowers on it, and the unbrushed hair tells me that Britney asked Jayden or Sean to stand on the sofa and take a pic of her in their London hotel suite.


While everyone else on Instagram has been practicing the witchcraft of portrait mode since 2016, Britney JUST discovered it. The purity of it all!


While everyone else is collaborating with athleisure brands, Britney is out here singlehandedly keeping Soffe shorts in business! Also can we commend the bravery of posting a gym selfie in WHITE BOOTY SHORTS?!


She has an affinity for creating videos of herself feigning shock and surprise in a variety of outfits backed to her favorite songs. Something tells me that she makes these herself using that app which I can’t help but find endearing!


And of course there’s her most viral Instagram post to date, the famous painting in a hoodie while listening to Mozart video (likely another creation). Did you know that this painting sold at auction for $10k with the proceeds going to Vegas Cares, a memorial for the Las Vegas shooting victims? Iconic. And the caption? “Sometimes you just gotta play!!!!!!”.Β That is essentially the essence of Britney’s Instagram – playful, pure, and a good reminder to not take social media too seriously.


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