What Kind Of Friend Are You?

Will you be there for me, when the rain starts to fall? Let’s find out!

You can replace “she” and “her” with any pronoun you like sweet pea : )

Dinner Friend

This is the friend you always go to dinner with. She’s never down to go out after because she’s tired or she has some thing. The self-described “grandma” of her friend group will gab with you over Thai noodles and might have a glass or two of wine, but you won’t see her at a bar or for brunch–she’s working out/sleeping in/has other friends, and you’ll never see her for like…shopping or a movie. She really only has about an hour before she has to go, which is just enough time to devour some sushi. She’s got work in the morning. Or a late night spin class. She’s so busy. Want to meet at Jitlada later?

Going Out Friend

This friend wants to go out!! She is ready to go out!! She wants to take a vodka soda to the face!! She’s wearing sky-high heels and her tightest black jeans and she wants you to come out with us later! She’s going out in Silverlake but might go downtown if this guy texts her. She wants to take shots or get a guy to buy her shots. This week was so hard/boring, let’s go out! It’s 7pm on a Friday….do you know where your going out friend is?

Party Friend

Party friend is different from Going Out friend because you barely know Party Friend. She’s someone you see at parties. She’s friends with someone you know and she’s always there to wave at or talk to if you don’t know anybody else. She’s nice. She likes to smoke weed and sit on the couch. Bye Party Friend.

Sweatpants Friend

Sweatpants Friend has seen you at your absolute worst. She knows what you look like without makeup on, she’s seen you pop a pimple, she’s seen your ass in a thong in fluorescent Target lighting. She is probably your best friend/soul mate. Yeah you guys go out and have fun together, but you can also cry together or FaceTime while one of you poops. Sweatpants Friend is your forever love.

Work Friend

Work Friend is cool because she’s not NOT your friend, you know? Like you work together and maybe eat lunch together and you’ve been to happy hour a few times with other co-workers and her, but she’s never seen the inside of your apartment. She knows that you hooked up with Dylan from Tinder and that you absolute hate one of your managers. She doesn’t know what you do when you’re alone or who your real-life friends are. You just got a Slack from her.

Internet Friend

Your Internet Friend knows you better than most of your other friends (excluding Sweatpants Friend). She has seen the weird-ass gross-ass horny-ass tweets you RT, Instagrams that you like, and she’s Venmoed you for coffee at least once. She lives on the internet aka D.C./Austin/Detroit/Chicago/New York/LA. Her Twitter is fire. You love her IG stories. You’ve never met in real life, but you have plans to meet her when either one of you travel for work/a wedding/a concert. Explaining your friendship is becoming less and less weird as we move into 2019. It’s the internet, it’s not like she’s a stranger!


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