Your October Horoscopes


Change is definitely in the air and it’s not just because the leaves are turning. Darling Aries, you’ve been feeling a bit out of your element and low energy lately, which isn’t you. Your fierce independent streak would forbid you from admitting this but deep down you know you’re exhausted from pushing yourself a bit too hard these days. Spend time with the people who help you feel recharged – they’re here to remind you that it’s not necessary to do it all on your own! We get by with a little help from our friends!


As much as you radiate assured and chill vibes, you’re no stranger to getting caught up in a spell of self-doubt. This is one of those months when unchecked self-doubt could send you into an emotional tailspin and that is something you want to avoid, lovely Taurus. Get realigned by putting your energy into one of your many creative ventures (we know that you have multiple projects dreamed up!). Doing so will help reaffirm all of the wonderful things that you know about yourself!


Sure, everyone has been complaining about how dramatic 2018 has been but this sentiment hits particularly close to home for you, Gemini. Over the past few months, Complications have basically become an unwanted house guest in your life who has overstayed their welcome. But fear not! October brings plenty of opportunities to get out of your head and leave Complications at home for the night. Say yes to every Halloween party invite! Dressing up in a costume will let you feel like someone else for a bit and provide a much-needed mental escape from everything. Just know that bad times can’t last forever.


What is it about October that always makes Cancers feel so sentimental? Maybe it’s the arrival of the chilly fall air, making your Stay At Home vibes even more pronounced. Or it might be the nostalgia for the Halloweens of your youth, full of kitschy decorations and cute, homemade costumes. Or maybe it’s just because baby, you were born this way. No matter what, October is a great time to indulge in your love of nesting so treat yourself to that Target splurge on new throws, candles, assorted teas, and an autumnal wreath. Tis the season!


Leos, you can’t deny your love for all things October. You’ve got all your best fall outfits ready for cute, seasonal Instagram ops. Your rotation of Halloween costumes has been on lock for the past two months. You’ve been keeping current with all the new shows premiering so you have something to discuss at all of the parties you’ll be attending. Just make sure you’re not getting so caught up in all the festivities that you forget about your other priorities, like work and relationships!


Virgo season might have just ended but that doesn’t mean you’re still not doing the absolute most in October! You’re in problem-solving mode and this month, you’ll be paying extra attention to your love life and relationships. Not so great things that you chose to overlook about a partner or friend will come back to light this month. This time though, the tension will get the better of you and force you to work through the issues at hand. Just remember to speak your truth! Even if you have to rehearse the convo in your head or analyze the hypotheticals, don’t back down from saying what you need to say.


Happy birthday Libra loves! You’ve been looking forward to celebrating for months now and you already have multiple parties, dinners, and drink outings planned with your wide circle of friends. But something is missing. With each birthday comes fun but also a sense of growth. One year older and you’re still feeling like you’ll never figure it all out. But don’t fret away the fun by wondering “Who am I?”! Just be sure to pay attention to the signs that the Universe is sending you because they will point you in the direction you want to go.


My spooky Scorpios! October means you’re in your mysterious element, which is where you feel most at home but it also can produce some confusion and miscommunication. Your tendency to brood is usually quite pronounced, especially if you’re doing a lot of reflecting on your past but now isn’t the time to shut out the people in your life. Opening up can help you realize the potential of what you could unlock! Trust me, I know this doesn’t come naturally to you but just consider the positive things that can come from letting people in a little bit closer. You can unlock a whole new level of intimacy – do I have your attention now, you freaky little pumpkin?!


Dear Sag, for the love of Goddess, please do yourself and everyone else a favor and hit the pause button in October. Feeling like there is SO much you want to do and not enough time to do it all creates strife for a Sag. This results in you burning and churning through your work and social life to the point that you need a weekend to recover from the weekend! Take a few days in October to say no to everyone and everything, and use this time to focus on yourself. Think long and hard about how you really want to be spending your time and energy.


For Baby Caps, October brings a new wave of career and professional development – your favorite! All sorts of social connections will open up for you and create exciting opportunities for the backlog of projects that you’ve got brewing. Just make sure to vet the new people showing up in your life – you’ll want to make sure that they align with what you consider important otherwise it will be a short-lived partnership.


Oh Aquarius, you’ve been running ragged at work. You wake up each morning wondering what fresh hell awaits you today. You might feel like you’re the only person who has to deal with this but just remember that every single job in the world has their fair share of mishaps and bullshit. October is a great time to reflect on what you can change, instead of focusing on everything that seems out of your control. Use your natural charm and cleverness to negotiate better terms or perks at work. When it all ends up in your favor, you’ll be kicking yourself for waiting so long to do it!


Dearest angelfish, get ready because a past flame is coming for you this October. This is certainly going to pose some sort of emotional temptation for you because a Pisces might forgive a lover but they never forget. You might be inclined to let bygones be bygones but deep down, you know that they need to air the grievances that you’ve been holding onto. This will definitely make you feel better in the long run but just be mindful to not let every single emotion run wild like a forest fire. After all, you’d rather build a bridge than burn one.

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