Six Non-Obvious Things To Be Thankful For

We’ve got a lot of shit to be thankful for, like family, friends, our health, our homes, and of course our readers (we love you). Despite our hardships, we know that we’re extremely fortunate to have what we have. And tomorrow when we sit around a Thanksgiving table and reflect on what exactly we feel grateful for, the aforementioned things are definitely towards the top of the list. But we thought it was equally as important to shoutout some of the non-obvious things that we are so goddamn lucky to have in our lives. Let’s raise a glass of whatever you’ve got on hand to this incomplete and unranked list of unsung heroes!

  • The next phase of Ariana Grande’s artistry
  • Hot people who haven’t been born yet
  • The record number of women heading to Congress!
  • New holiday shit dropping from Fenty Beauty
  • Meghan Markle’s teenage photo in front of Buckingham Palace
  • Fermented foods going mainstream

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