December Horoscopes


You know that idea that you’ve had ruminating inside that gorgeous head of yours? This is the time to turn that mere idea into a reality. After a hectic fall season, you’ve finally getting some much needed free time off from everything that you’ve had going on. While some people would bask in the downtime, you’re not some people. Use that feisty Aries energy for your own good! You might even surprise yourself by how much you can achieve when you put in the extra effort.


Over the past few weeks, you’ve been feeling slightly off. Just a little bit prickly, a tad sensitive, and on and off overwhelmed. Fear not though, you’ll soon be back where you belong. Those scenarios and situations that had you flustered? It’s time to revisit them with fresh eyes. Resolution is still possible! It’s perfect timing to gain some clarity and harmony ahead of the very full calendar of gatherings with friends, family, and colleagues, coming soon to your life!


While this year may have felt like it was full of loss, when you look back and take an inventory of what has come and gone in 2018, you’ll realize that all of the tears and angst has taught you so much about what you value most in a relationship. Yes, the year was full of crazy rollercoasters, with some of them screeching to a halt at the apex and knocking the wind out of you, you’ve come out stronger and smarter. And thankfully this December is going to be a bit of a reset for you so keep your eyes open for some new people popping up in your life. Just don’t be too afraid to let them in!


The first part of December will have you feeling a little rundown, a bit under the weather. Don’t fear though, it’s short-lived so you’ll be right as rain in time for all of the holiday festivities coming up. Your weekends are likely already booked solid until 2019 but take some time before the New Year to reflect on what you’ve achieved this year and use it as your inspiration and benchmark for what else you can achieve in the future. 2019 will be a big year of expansion for you so make sure you write down any and all ideas or goals that come to mind so you can be sure to act on them!


Lately, it’s been all work and no play for my little Leo. December will see the return of balance to your life, with plenty of time for both holiday hijinks and work work work. Yes, I know that you’re an overachiever and likely are trying to check off as many things as possible from your 2018 to-do list but let’s not forget that December is also a time to take a pause and reflect on everything that you’re proud to have accomplished. Don’t worry, you’ll never lose your drive even if you take a few days off here and there.


Lovely Virgo, this month will find you leaning into nesting and being a cozy homebody. All you want to do is beautify your space and gather up your best peeps under a big pile of blankets with Friends on repeat. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you don’t make a habit of saying no to every party or night out invite that comes your way. You may feel like staying at home is the easiest way to stay clear of things that give you anxiety but avoiding everything beyond the comfort of your home isn’t doing you any favors. Remember, we are on the cusp of a New Year and you have so much ahead of you.


You know that question that you’ve been turning over and over in your head for months? December will open up your lines of communication and finally bring much needed clarity and a feeling that you can at last move forward. These harnessed communicative superpowers will have everyone and anyone reaching out with invites to parties and night outs, you silky social butterfly. Just don’t get caught up in your ever present FOMO! Your communicative superpower can also be used to say no once in a while.


My sweet scorpion, this month, everyone is going to want a piece of you! You’re standing tall and shining bright just like a beautiful menorah and/or Christmas tree and catching everyone’s attention. While you’re reveling in this limelight, keep your eyes peeled for influential connections who can help you advance towards the goals that you’ve been scheming up, putting you on a path to some serious cash! So as you approach your office holiday party, prepare yourself to rub shoulders with the bigwigs and make a lasting impression!


Baby Sag, it’s your season and you’re so fucking excited to be FINALLY be in your element after a long year of questioning yourself at every turn. It is essential that you harness as much of this happy go lucky energy that Sags are known for while you can! This good mood already has you thinking about all of your adventures for next year, both near and far. There is so much that you want to see and do yet it feels like there is so little time. That might be true for most but you’re a Sagittarius goddamn it, you’ll make it work! Pay close attention to every single idea that floats through your head – you’re most attuned to your potential right now.


December brings about a change of pace for you, darling Cap. Now hear me out… how about you take a backseat and not try to plan out and control every single thing in your life? You’ll surprise yourself by how readily you’ll welcome a break from your typical rigor. It’s been a busy few months and you’ve been up to your armpits in projects and deadlines. This month, self care is your major key. You owe it to yourself and to the universe. A recharged Capricorn body and mind will do you (and the world) a lot of good.


This month, you’ll be paying extra close attention to the company you keep. You put so much value in those who energize and lift you up and the closer we get to the holidays, the shorter your patience will become for those who drain you of your good mood. It’s one of your most intuitive areas – instinctually knowing who will waste your time. However, you’re not the best at putting yourself out there to discover who is actually worth your time. In 2019 though, it’s of the utmost importance that you surround yourself with people who show you how much you can get out of your life so make good on that by getting into the habit of seeking out those people starting now!


Beautiful little fish babe, December is a perfect time for you to put your best fin forward at work. Be vocal and take the lead when the opportunities arise because when you speak, your colleagues and communities will be listening to every word you say. Your performance and persistence will not go unnoticed, setting you up to gain new responsibilities and experience. Say yes to any and all challenges that present themselves because this month will have you feeling more energized and motivated than usual, which will automatically set you up for success in 2019 and beyond!

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