Cool Gifts For Your White Elephant Party

White Elephant, Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa – whatever the hell you want to call it, you’re bound to be heading to at least one gift exchange party. Whether it’s with your office, extended family, or local girl gang, there’s always an abundance of Starbucks gift cards, scratch tickets, bottles of wine, and seasonal chocolate boxes.

WHAT A SNOOZEFEST. The whole point of a gift exchange is that the gifts are so good, it erupts into all out brawl. After all, that’s what the holidays are all about, right? Consumerism gone crazy. Just kidding. It’s about making someone’s day a little brighter and putting a smile on their frostbitten, chapped lips!

Here’s our top picks for the best, non-obvious, and coolest gifts under $25 for your next White Elephant/Yankee Swap/Dirty Santa!

For pasta loving peeps

Why it’s cool: The tote of the year beloved by art girls and add in some gourmet fettuccine to eat for breakfast! What’s not to like?



For a crew working on their night cheese

Why it’s cool: First of all, it has the word “party” in it so that’s a done deal. Secondly, it’s like the sexier version of a cheese board, which is another boring gift. If I see more one slate and cheese knife set, I’ll slap someone. Did I mention that this little baddie melts formaggio in 40 seconds?!


For a crowd that likes practical gifts

Why it’s cool: Yeah I know it’s a trash can but hear me out. Trash cans are normally such an eyesore but not these babies. They’re so sleek and modern, they’re more decor than dumpster. Trust me, people will be trying to swipe it as soon it’s unwrapped.


For a group that gets down with self care

Why it’s cool: Yeah, everyone and their mom knows about face rolling but do they know about gua sha? It’s like a face roller’s butch cousin and actually makes you concentrate more on the act of massaging your face, compared to a face roller which you can do mindlessly for hours.

Gua Sha

For the squad that said FUNNY GIFTS ONLY

Why it’s cool: Sometimes the gift exchanges that don’t take themselves so seriously are the most fun!

Au Revoir

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