Lately’s New Year’s Resolutions

This year I will:


Cook all the recipes on my computer saved as bookmarks

Actually update my computer when it tells me to

Get rid of the socks in my sock drawer from middle school

Buy nice socks

Frame my art pieces

Visit (at least) 5 new states

Go hot air ballooning

Get clogs

Potentially visit Australia (not a hard and fast resolution)

Wear more glitter

Try new cheeses

Actually say “no tomato” when I order things I don’t want tomato on

Freelance for 7 different publications (can not be repeats from 2018)

Live my best 2019 life and refuse to fall down the hole of that 2018 disaster scenario ever again

Stop texting my ex



Finally commit to a morning routine

Finally read all of the books that I bought in 2018 and never opened

Travel to 3 new countries

Learn how to use my InstantPot

Say no to things and people that don’t serve me

Learn how to curl my hair

Reduce my plastic usage

Be more patient

Write more for pleasure

See more art

Learn Italian

Work on my passion projects with more fucking passion, work hard to achieve all of the dreams that I have

Prove some fucking people wrong







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