January Horoscopes


It’s the New Year and you’re highkicking into 2019 like the confident and cute ram that you are! You always feel enthusiastic and energetic for new beginnings because you jump at any chance to lead a new project or spearhead some initiative. You know that long list of goals in your Notes app? Prioritize and then put them in action! January is the best time for you to harness that intense ambitious streak of yours and make some big career advancements. Whatever you do, do it with boldness, babe!


Oh sweet seeker of stability, you were feeling so well-rested and peaceful from the holidays and now that the reality of January has hit, you’re feeling like someone cruelly yanked your beloved blanket off your bed. Fear not though, there’s still plenty of warmth to find in others outside of your own fortress. A break from your routine brings new levels of intimacy from those who have been missing you and need your help. It feels good to be needed, doesn’t it? Almost like an IRL version of a cozy bed! There are so many people who seek a connection with you. Just remember that.


At last! 2018 is over and you couldn’t be fucking happier. Last year was challenging to say the least but all of the drama is behind you now. A new year has arrived and you’re feeling light, bright, airy, and optimistic! Time to take 2019 and make it into everything that 2018 wasn’t. Channel this vibe and get all of the boring bullshit like taxes, bills, making doctor’s appointments, going to the dry cleaner, out of the way early so you can concentrate on fun and growth and freedom for the rest of the year!


All you have to do to thrive in 2019 is protect your heart. At all costs. Cancers are not playing around this year with their most precious currency aka emotions. This will come in the form of not letting people be reckless with your feelings but also checking your own recklessness and how you react to things. January is the optimal time to set an intention to be more aware of how your reactions can be catalysts of change. Set another intention to not spiral out. Pay close attention to how both of these intention work in tandem and revel in the harmony that they bring to your life.


2019 is going to be your rebirth year, Leo love. You felt a bit held back and confined last year, and at times a little aimless too. That’s not like you. You’ve got so much drive but without a clear goal in mind, that roaring fire inside you will peter out. January is the month to set a dream in place and create your roadmap that will take you there. Make sure you clue in your close friends and confidantes because hey, what’s the fun in achieving your goal if your cheerleaders can’t celebrate with you? They’ll also help to keep you motivated and give you the applause that you love to lap up!


New year, new beginnings! Aka the mantra that Virgos across the world have embodied since the stroke of 1/1/19. In terms of love, 2018 saw more lows than highs, both in terms of your relationships and the love that you felt for yourself. You may feel anxious to rush along any new blossoms of romance but you would only be doing yourself a disservice by trying to make anything too rigid or defined just yet. 2019 holds a lot of self-discovery for you. You’ve always been proud of your strong sense of self but it doesn’t hurt to question what you know from time to time, even if that means questioning the things you believe to be true about yourself.


A new year is a perfect time to evaluate what you want to bring into your future and what you can thank and leave behind in the past. Two big areas of your focus this month are relationships and work. In both arenas, it might feel like you’re putting in all of the effort and getting nothing but grief in return. And nothing make a Libra feel more out of sorts than an imbalance! The peacemaker in you wants reconciliation on both fronts but that might not be possible. If you’re already prepared yourself to feel let down, you already have you answer. No matter what happens, never forget that you’re worthy and ready for so much more.


You wouldn’t be a Scorpio if you didn’t already have an intense obsession with your 2019 goals. We’re only a few days into the new year but you’re already scheming away and hatching plans to make all of your fantasies into realities. This new motivation will have you exuding confidence and positivity that spills over into your relationships and fills in the areas that you used to be uncertain about. Don’t forget my silly scorpion, positivity and confidence are powerful traits of attraction. Those closest to you may feel even more drawn to you now. You have been warned.


You’ve likely been telling yourself that this is the year that you grow up, get serious, blossom into a high-functioning adult. Guess what. I believe in you. We all do. You already have some of the most important things you need to make 2019 a success: your imagination and intuition. Now all you need is some commitment! I know, it’s a sore subject for you but it’s a skill that you can practice. It’s going to be a slow process, another dreaded fear of yours, but overcoming our fears puts you on the fast track to achieving so much more. Do I have your attention now, my flighty foal?


2019 is here and Caps are embracing it by filling out their calendars for the first three months of the year. You’re a planner at heart and you’ve likely already had your goals and resolutions cemented since September 2018. Top of the list for you: be heard. You have a lot that you want to share with the world and finding your voice will be a big part of your year. This will translate in an enormous way for your professional growth so don’t be afraid to speak out more often. Influential people will definitely notice.


Let’s be blunt, 2018 was all over the fucking map for you. If we’re being really honest, it almost feels like you’ve been in a rut for two years, which means you’re always pining for the future, wishing yourself out of the present and into a place, any place, where you feel good. Guess what. The future is here. Time to open yourself to everything that is in the now. Open yourself all the way up. To friends, new acquaintances, experiences. It’s all waiting for you! It has been this whole time.


You’re more than ready to make positivity and security the themes of your year. Keeping these two things at the forefront of your mind means that you’ll want to pay more attention to the things and people outside of your fishbowl aka inner emotional world. You’ll find yourself exploring paths from the past, because that’s what your goal of security will inspire you to do. Just prepare yourself for the possibility that the past’s perceived security doesn’t align with your wish for positivity.


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