I’m Actually Doing Great On My New Year’s Resolutions, HBU?

The great part about New Year’s resolutions is that typically you make them and forget about them. This year however, we posted ours online which made me feel more responsible for them and also– this year I’ve been trying to hold myself more accountable for improving my life.

I made public resolutions and a few private ones. It is only January 16 (one day after my middle school crush’s bday!) but I wanted to check in with myself and with you about how we are doing.

So far in the new year I have thrown out all my old socks! Which is amazing. I literally had four drawers of socks that were anywhere from 10-years to 3-months-old. Now I only have one drawer of socks and they’re mainly holiday socks or sparkly fuzzy ones (which spark so much joy tbh)– so I am going to continue my Amazon search for nice inexpensive socks! Send me recs, please! Aren’t you riveted you read this paragraph.

I said I was going to cook all the bookmarked recipes I have saved on my computer. So far this year I have made one of them (pretty great for 2019!) and I know what my next few are going to be. However, I have also bookmarked 3 new recipes since January 1, so the list is growing. But they sound amazing! They are this crunchy looking salad, this Trader Joe’s potsticker stir-fry, and this insane-looking vegetable puff pastry thing.

Another one of my resolutions has been cooking more and I’ve been doing that in SPADES. They’ve just all been recipes I know and love. This year I’m gonna branch out, I promise!!!

In 2019 I have updated my computer every time it has asked me to (which is surprisingly a lot?) So you’re welcome, Steve Jobs.

I have yet to frame any of my art or go to 5 new states or go hot air ballooning, but I have tried new cheeses, said no to tomatoes on sandwiches/salads in restaurants, and worn more glitter on my face/body/hair.

I didn’t get clogs yet but I did get snakeskin boots and I have been drinking more gin in favor of drinking less vodka (and therefore less vodka cranberries, part of a private resolution). I would like to think I have been more honest about what I want and more honest about what scares me and also things that I hate. It may take me a while to get to Australia, but I have already secured my first freelancing gig of 2019, so that’s something.

I’m feeling pretty accountable and also like I finally found hair products that I like and think work for my texture and length.

How are your resolutions going? I hope you made them small enough to chew because I think that’s the secret, really. Do little things that you know will make you feel appreciative of yourself every day and it will improve your life and your attitude. Even if it’s only deleting Tinder.



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