The Morning Tonic That Makes Me Glow

Lately LOVES apple cider vinegar. Kate and I have texted about it before for like 15 minutes, just talking about how we take it (shot vs in a mixture), how often, how much, and what it does.

Yes, it smells super strong and on its own kind of tastes like ass. But the BENEFITS!!!

The first time I read about taking ACV (what we shall henceforth be calling apple cider vinegar bc abbrevs are totes amaze) was on The New Potato. I don’t remember who said they take a tablespoon of it every morning–either some Polish model/actress or a writer I really admire–but I was instantly intrigued. She said it made her skin absolutely glow.

So, I started taking shots of ACV in the morning, which I promptly quit after about 4 days. I couldn’t get used to the taste of it on its own and would have to drink like 4 big glasses of water after–which I guess, is another way to make your skin glow–but didn’t feel worth it.

Because I am a person who spends a lot of time reading about health and wellness trends I also tried drinking warm lemon water every morning, which I also quit after a short while because….who wants to drink warm lemon water all the time? I don’t. I think it’s kind of gross.

Then I realized, I could combine the two! And not just combine the two, but improve upon the concoction! So, what I have been doing is putting about a tablespoon and a half of ACV into a mug, adding boiling water and tea bag of my choice (frequently it’s throat coat because I like the taste and also I spend 80% of my day screaming) a generous splash of honey, and a teaspoon of lemon juice.

The whole thing has made me absolutely RADIANT!*

*a lie

But it HAS improved my skin, my gut health, and my immune system. According to Reader’s Digest (where I get alllll my health news) (jk) ACV has serious antibiotic properties which help assist with things like digestion and getting rid of bad bacteria that could be impeding your gut health and/or causing forms of acne. So basically, it makes you *ahem* regular, but it also fights the bad shit that might be wreaking havoc on your skin!

The lemon juice I add is also full of a shit ton (pardon the pun) of Vitamin C which is great for your immune system. It also helps maintain PH levels in your body and makes you pee a lot–which is annoying, especially if you’re hanging out with me–but helps not only to fight toxins, but to flush them out of your body and give a little boost to your renal system.

IMPORTANT: I DO NOT drink this to lose weight/detox/whatever bullshit anything online says like “drink lemon water/ACV and never be hungry again!” That is bullshit. I glow because I take time to nourish myself and give my body fuel. I make this beverage every morning, along with a lARGEEEEE glass of ice cold water, and my breakfast of choice.

I 10/10 highly recommend.

If the ACV taste is too strong you could always reduce it to 1 tbs or 1/2 tbs. Or add more lemon. Or honey! Play with it!


Lmk if you try! It’s good.






Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The SNS Dipping Powder Manicure

So I don’t know if you know this about me, but I used to be a gel nail evangelist. Evangelist.

Ha ha I was exposing my hands to UV light every other week and now I’m probably going to have premature hand-skin aging.

But seriously, I am obsessed with getting my nails done and now I feel just as shiny and new as the nails I will be rocking for a solid MONTH (yes a month) thanks to a little invention called SNS dipping powder!!! Yes, you’ve heard of it. Yes, you have no idea what it is, and that’s why I am going to explain it to you!!

So SNS is actually a brand, much like CND Shellac or Gelish. It stands for “Signature Nail Systems,” and they have a shit ton of colors including neons and glitter. Instead of a polish, the nail color is done with an organically-processed color-pigmented powder that your nails get dipped in after a polish base coat is applied.  According to lifestyle website Mamma Mia!, the powder is made with Benzoyl Peroxide, Titatum Dioxide, and Acrylic Ester Polymer. If those names terrifying you, definitely don’t google what’s in regular acrylics, gel nail polish, or standard polish!

The process is repeated until a desired level of color is achieved, and the whole thing is set with top coat. Depending on where you go, your nails will be filed down with either a machine (like an acrylic) or with an actual nail file to achieve the desired shape and thickness. Don’t worry, they dust off all the powder with a cute little brush and you can even wash your hands.

The best part is, the dried powder clings to your nail like a gel but feels strong like an acrylic. Go ahead, tap those babies on a table! Clack them against your teeth! They’re tough as hell and not breaking for anything. Plus, the polish will last you a freakin MONTH if you can handle the grow out and don’t get sick of the same color for 4 weeks. Oh, and it only costs about $5 more than a gel would. So if you’re sick and tired of your gel chipping but don’t want to deal with getting acrylics or fills, SNS is a godsend.

Worried about taking them off? The color is removed similarly to gel, but whatever salon you go to shouldn’t scrape it off your fingers with any metal instruments after. The top coat is dissolved, and the powder gets rubbed off. At most, they will buff your nails after if needed.

Why is the SNS manicure so life changing? Well for starters, no more UV light thank god. So I’m saving myself from possible skin cancer and future crepe-y skin. Also, my gel habit was leading to a bunch of broken and thin nails. SNS has strengthened TF out of nails and as I type this they are long and luxurious and if I scratched your scalp you would fall asleep forever it would feel so good.

If you’re interested in trying, I would recommend calling your favorite salon first or doing some Yelp snooping with the keywords “SNS” or “Dip powder.” And make sure they don’t set it with a gel top coat. That shit is a scam : )