Is Corn Bad For You?

I was once at a PR dinner where someone told me that corn is the worst thing that you could possibly eat. They told me this as I was slicing thickly buttered corn off of a cob to presumably put into my mouth and enjoy.

Corn is delicious, so I knew they couldn’t possibly be talking about the taste. They had to be talking about how nutritious it is–or the lack there of. This thought has honestly plagued me since they said it so I thought I would do my own investigating.

When you type “is corn” into Google, the first few things that pop up are:

-Is corn keto?

-Is corn healthy?

-Is corn a grain?

-Is corn gluten-free?

So clearly, people are having issues figuring out if corn will fit in to their keto and gluten-free diets as well as whether or not corn is a grain and if corn is overall a healthy thing to eat. Before now, I probably would have googled “is corn okay to eat after X many days” because I like to live dangerously and eat old leftovers sometimes when I find them in my fridge.

I am not an expert or a nutritionist or a doctor or on a diet. I am just a woman with a healthy curiosity about corn. So I did some investigating.

According to a report from Harvard, although corn is a vegetable it is the worst vegetable for you. 😡

The study found that starchy foods like corn and potatoes and peas have higher glycemic loads that make your blood sugar spike and will make you want to eat more of that item therefore causing you to gain weight. OH!

Since weight gain is not a bad thing, just a thing that happens if you are a person who eats and grows and ages, I had yet to be convinced. I wanted to find hard evidence that CORN IS BAD BECAUSE IT DOES XYZ TO YOUR BODY. You know, like internal bleeding from eating hot Cheetos. I kept digging.

Healthline brings up the fact that corn is frequently genetically modified, but that GMOs in relation to human health are a hotly debated topic. Some research shows that consuming GMOs can have a “toxic effect” on your organs. But apparently other research says there is practically no difference between the vegetable you grow in your backyard and the ones grown by Monsanto.

As someone who dated a person with raw vegan parents that owned a raw vegan restaurant and told fresh baby 18-year-old me that Monsanto is evil–something I have conducted further research on in my 20s and while I may not say that they are evil, they are incredibly sinister– I am more than likely to side with the fact that GMOS=bad.


Healthline also lists a bunch of benefits about corn. Aside from it being tasty it benefits eye health, it’s packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and it might even ward off colon disease.

This Healthline article was in DIRECT opposition of a thing I found on a weird paleo blog. This paleo blog says that it can actually harm your gut health severely. It also brings up GMOs. According to Paleo Flourish, corn is NOT paleo.

OKAY BUT THEN THIS RANDOM GUY, Dr. Axe, says that corn is high in vitamin c, is rich in magnesium and contains certain B-vitamins and potassium. He seems to be more in favor of corn but also brings up GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, and how it’s used in a lot of processed foods.

So is corn bad for you?

From what I can tell (I am NOT a corn expert, just a person who spent an hour online researching this) corn can be bad for you. Just like how people freak the fuck out over the high caloric content of a banana and its natural sugars, people seem to be freaking out about corn.

If it doesn’t fuck up your digestive system–meaning your body CAN digest it (not all bodies can)– it might spike your glucose levels which may cause you to eat more of it. If you’re eating genetically modified corn, it may cause health issues but also, if you’re eating fruits and vegetables from supermarkets in America without doing extensive research– You’re most likely eating genetically modified produce.

Corn does have nutritional benefits.

Gaining weight is a natural and normal.

If you want to explain to me why consuming corn will end my life…..shoot us an email or leave us a comment!

Corn is fine! Bye!



The Morning Tonic That Makes Me Glow

Lately LOVES apple cider vinegar. Kate and I have texted about it before for like 15 minutes, just talking about how we take it (shot vs in a mixture), how often, how much, and what it does.

Yes, it smells super strong and on its own kind of tastes like ass. But the BENEFITS!!!

The first time I read about taking ACV (what we shall henceforth be calling apple cider vinegar bc abbrevs are totes amaze) was on The New Potato. I don’t remember who said they take a tablespoon of it every morning–either some Polish model/actress or a writer I really admire–but I was instantly intrigued. She said it made her skin absolutely glow.

So, I started taking shots of ACV in the morning, which I promptly quit after about 4 days. I couldn’t get used to the taste of it on its own and would have to drink like 4 big glasses of water after–which I guess, is another way to make your skin glow–but didn’t feel worth it.

Because I am a person who spends a lot of time reading about health and wellness trends I also tried drinking warm lemon water every morning, which I also quit after a short while because….who wants to drink warm lemon water all the time? I don’t. I think it’s kind of gross.

Then I realized, I could combine the two! And not just combine the two, but improve upon the concoction! So, what I have been doing is putting about a tablespoon and a half of ACV into a mug, adding boiling water and tea bag of my choice (frequently it’s throat coat because I like the taste and also I spend 80% of my day screaming) a generous splash of honey, and a teaspoon of lemon juice.

The whole thing has made me absolutely RADIANT!*

*a lie

But it HAS improved my skin, my gut health, and my immune system. According to Reader’s Digest (where I get alllll my health news) (jk) ACV has serious antibiotic properties which help assist with things like digestion and getting rid of bad bacteria that could be impeding your gut health and/or causing forms of acne. So basically, it makes you *ahem* regular, but it also fights the bad shit that might be wreaking havoc on your skin!

The lemon juice I add is also full of a shit ton (pardon the pun) of Vitamin C which is great for your immune system. It also helps maintain PH levels in your body and makes you pee a lot–which is annoying, especially if you’re hanging out with me–but helps not only to fight toxins, but to flush them out of your body and give a little boost to your renal system.

IMPORTANT: I DO NOT drink this to lose weight/detox/whatever bullshit anything online says like “drink lemon water/ACV and never be hungry again!” That is bullshit. I glow because I take time to nourish myself and give my body fuel. I make this beverage every morning, along with a lARGEEEEE glass of ice cold water, and my breakfast of choice.

I 10/10 highly recommend.

If the ACV taste is too strong you could always reduce it to 1 tbs or 1/2 tbs. Or add more lemon. Or honey! Play with it!


Lmk if you try! It’s good.






Does Literally Everyone Have Misophonia?

In other words, “you’re not special bitch”

When I screenshot and posted about Misophonia on my Instagram story, I was not expecting 15 different people to DM me about it. I’ve never felt unique for having this condition–I just never realized that so many other people do, too.

According to WebMD Misophonia is “selective sound sensitivity syndrome.” Simply put, when someone is chewing near me or I can hear them breathing, I want to scream. The sound is disgusting and horrible and bothersome! Most times I can’t sit in the same room as whoever is eating breakfast near me.

My earliest memory of having Misophonia is from when I was in middle school. My dad came into my room one afternoon, crunching chips. He was literally just eating bbq potato chips by the handful, but the sound was so grating and absolutely disgusting to my ears that I demanded he, “GET OUT!!!!!” I felt almost panicked by the sound it was too…..gross.

The thing is, I don’t just hear the crunch. I feel like I can hear every grinding squelch made by your teeth and your tongue, and as I type this I feel my shoulders protectively gravitating towards my ears.

Harvard Health Publishing says that Misophonia is “a real disorder and one that seriously compromises functioning, socializing, and ultimately mental health. Misophonia usually appears around age 12, and likely affects more people than we realize.”

They found that “persons with misophonia showed much greater physiological signs of stress (increased sweat and heart rate) to the trigger sounds of eating and breathing than those without it.”

I can’t handle whispering sounds (I would rather die than listen to serious ASMR) or breathing. You know, that thing everyone does that allows you to take in oxygen and continue living your life. I had a college boyfriend who would breathe so freakin loudly when we watched TV, I wanted to strangle him. I used to joke that he should hold his breath, because I could barely hear the show. In response, he would purposely breathe into my ear. Strangely, that is not why we broke up.

I can eat with other people in restaurants (the sound of the restaurant covers up the chewing) and fall asleep next to someone snoring (I think this is because I snore?) I can also watch that little red haired ASMR girl (you know the one) on a low volume because I think she is hilarious. The sound of my own self chewing doesn’t bother me either but that’s because I think I know what’s coming.

I have told other people in my life about this feeling that I get when I hear things aka wanting to scream and run away/strangle boyfriends and have been told I’m just being oversensitive. BUT DAMN. AFTER I POSTED ABOUT IT ON INSTAGRAM, IT SEEMS LIKE EVERYBODY HAS THIS!!!!

“Omg I have this!! Glad to know I am not crazy”


“Omg YES”

“My mom and I have it. It’s MISERABLE”

“Extremely same”

“I’ve had it for as long as I can remember”

Those are just a few of the–no joke, 15 DMs I got from people saying they have this condition. So like…..does everyone have Misophonia? I decided to investigate.

If you Google, “Does everyone have Misophonia?” a bunch of tests pop up. There’s even one from Buzzfeed! I’m so glad I can find out which Crazy Rich Asians character I am and if I have extreme sound sensitivity!

I found a Reddit thread called, “Surely everyone can have misophonia” where people were debating that very topic. Some posters were saying they have Misophonia so terribly that they want to harm themselves and others when they hear certain sounds and that people who are simply “disgusted” or “bothered” by noises shouldn’t qualify as having the sensitivity….which seemed kind of discount-y. I wondered if there might be some kind of sliding scale and there is!

There is tolerance scale to diagnose the severity of your Misophonia. It’s called “The Misophonia Activation Scale.” So while you may not feel like stabbing whoever is chewing near you in the throat, you might feel so bothered that you have to listen to music/leave the room and still have a form of misophonia.

So yes, probably a lot of people have this disorder, just not to the degree that they feel like self harm. Although there is no known cure, you should definitely see a mental health professional if you feel like harming yourself or others.

Am I glad we could all bond over this? Yes and no. It’s always nice to put a name to the thing that is plaguing you, but I’m sorry if you’re suffering.

Please don’t chew near me in quiet spaces and I will try not to breathe too loudly around you.